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Ft. Worth Beefmaster Show

We headed north to the Ft. Worth Beefmaster Show on the 23rd of January.  Here are a few of the pictures, I took.  As you can see the quality is not the best, since I had my ISO set high.  But anyway, these are some of our cattle on our ranch that were showing that day!

All lined up!

Flags above the stands

Cody K


Braden J


Jacob J

Heather K

Heather waiting to go back in for the Championship Class. 

Congratulations to all of our exhibitors of our Swinging B Ranch cattle.  You all did a great job showing. 

Congratulations Heather, on your first place win!


As this year ends….

December is rapidly drawing to a close.  It seems yesterday was the beginning of 2009…and now we are looking 2010 in the face.  This year has seen many changes in the Swinging B Ranch.  As we strive to upgrade our cattle to higher genetics….we have branched out more into donor cattle, flushing and receips.  We have introduced a new Bull GameDay that has brought much excitment to the Breed.  And Bullet Proof’s calves speak for themselves.  They are awesome.  And the best part they are averaging $8,000. a head at weaning. 

We are excited what the future holds for the Ranch.  We have had a new employee on board the last few months.  Phillip Walker, will be coming to work for us full time in 2010.   This will take a load off Mackie, as he stays busy with our bread and butter work, Brazos Masonry, Inc.  And he won’t have to try and coordinate part time help.  We look forward to our SpringTime in Texas Sale in April in Brenham.  So mark your calendars for that.  Also, we plan on having cattle at Three Rivers, San Antonio, and Houston Beefmaster Sales, to name a few in this coming year.  We are looking forward to having our own Production Sale in 2011.  So new and exciting things are happening at the Swinging B Ranch.  So keep alert! 

May God bless you as this old year of 2009 ends  and  the new year of 2010 begins! 

                                                        mackie & norma jean


The real Cowboy

I stole this picture from my daughter, our  grandson.  Isn’t he the cutest little cowboy yet!    Hummmmmm….I wonder if I can use this on a ad or banner one day for the ranch. 

little cowboy


Swinging ‘B’ Ranch hosts out of state visitors

We enjoyed some visitors to our ranch the other day from Calif. and Wis.  I believe, they got to see a little action in Central Texas.  Between snakes, wild hogs, crazy dogs, and cowboys hats, we all had a blast!

Can you pick out the real Texan? 

MCAA guys

guys in the grass

Ride them Cowboy Mark!Roedeo 004

Roedeo 005

T-Bone tells them HOWDY!Roedeo 011

Roedeo 013

The Sweethearts give them a Texas size tour of the fair grounds.  Only problem the Ladies didn’t have enough time to shop in the Exhibit  Bldg.

Roedeo 006


Fun with Cowboy hats.  They had to try out Mackie’s Mexican Cowboy hat!  And Mark practiced his Howdy and tipping his hat at the ladies!Gameday-cows--visitors-038

 I can’t believe I have as big a head as Mackie!    -Tom-   Gameday-cows--visitors-037

It’s more than a little big!   -Mark-Gameday-cows--visitors-040-
They even got to see Crawford and met President Bush, and eat at one of his favorite places.




And ya’ll come back any time…..and maybe you’ll understand why we all say HOWDY now!


November Ad Beefmaster Cowman



Storm Clouds rumble thru’ Axtell

From nary a drop, to many blessings above!  It started out as a cloudy Thursday afternoon, and developed in to a full blown storm.  This is what the clouds looked like right before sunset. 


And the clouds continued to build……


It was an absolutely beautiful sunset.  And I took way too many pictures.  But the clouds and the sky was so pretty here at our little Axtell Ranch.


October Beefmaster Cowman Ad

Wow!  I’m ahead of schedule this month!  Here’s our Ad that will be coming out in the Beefmaster Cowman in October.  Check out those Bullet Proof Calves.  We will be selling a pick at the President’s Council Sale this year!  They are awesome!

Oct  09 Beefmaster Cowman copy